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Party to the tailgate

If you are planning to go to game with a large group of people, why not turn it into a party and let us worry about the gas prices and parking fees.  With our 40-passenger bus, the bar can be stocked with your favorite pre-game-time drinks, and you can start the party as soon as you board the bus.


Leave earlier, and you can enjoy a tail-gate party in the parking lot when we arrive at the game site.  As you go to enjoy the game, we will keep your drinks on ice so when your team wins, you can continue the celebrating on the return drive.

We have estimated the amount of time for a local sporting event to be approximately 6 hours to include pickup, driving to game site, duration of game, and return drive and drop off.  When calling to make your reservation, you can specify the exact number of hours desired based on the type of game you will be attending, and the location.  If your game ends up going overtime, you can usually add extra time to your charter at that time.  Also, if you choose to tail-gate before the game, you will need book extra time to allow for that.

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